Acceptance, Confidence, Aspiration, Support, Empowerment
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 Forum rules [Updated 13 Sept 2011]

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PostSubject: Forum rules [Updated 13 Sept 2011]   Tue Sep 13, 2011 10:22 am

Hello and Welcome to A-Case which stands for Acceptance, Confidence, Aspiration, Support, Empowerment.

This is a social group for teenage and adult Singaporeans with Autistic Spectrum Disorders, ADHD, and related learning differences. This will be a cyber sanctuary for such people to recover from the wild world outside.


Spam is defined as any topic or reply that doesn't relate to the topic. For example: You wouldn't post a design you recently made in the general discussion section. Spamming can also be defined as simple one-worded replies to topics in order to gain posts. This will not be allowed. The admin or mod will move the topic to the correct sections if this rule is broken 3 times in a row however the member in questioned will be warned.

2. Signature and Avatar Limits

Signatures/Avatars are other methods that depict your interests and things you might not be so interested about. You are allowed to advertise on your sig but remember to first put an ad topic in the advertising section.

* No pornography or nudity.
* No 18+ images (this includes EXTREME gore).
* Maximum avatar size= 200 x 200px
* Maximum Signature size= 600 x 200px

3. Advertising in the Inappropriate Sections

Keep your advertising in the Advertising sections. Even though signature ads are allowed but keep within the size range. Refrain from PM advertising.

4. Language
A few guidelines

* D0 n0t sP3@k lyK tH!s! ----- This is not a MSN messenger or a Mobile Phone SMS
* DON'T USE CAPS ALL THE TIME----- It looks like you are screaming.
* Avoid vulgarities----- It's a sore for the eyes and ears.
* Singlish is acceptable but make sure others understand you.

5. Flaming

Flaming is a very big problem in online communities as intentions and thoughts may be mistaken for their true meanings. We ask that all users PLEASE be courteous and nice to your fellow users. If you are caught flaming, you will be warned. Each member is given two chances before they are banned for at least 1 mth. So make the right choice, and be nice!

6. Revealing of conditions

Each member in this group has the responsibility to not reveal one's conditions[ASD, ADHD, related differences] or the conditions of other members.

A-CASE will not be held responsible if due to voluntary revelation of one's conditions[ASD, ADHD, related differences] will cause loss of employment, education opportunities by the person concerned, if he/she does so publicly.

7. Reporting Rule breakers & Misconducts
We are not God so we make mistakes too. This doesn't mean that you have to report someone to the staff for every little violation to the rules. However; if you notice a member or staff member continually violating the rules and committing misconducts then PLEASE report these violations to a member of the staff.
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Forum rules [Updated 13 Sept 2011]
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